Quickly analyse stocks, dramatically improve decision making, increase your returns.  Be a better investor.

How will Value Mr Market make value investing easier for me?

  • Easy access to data: works whenever you are connected to the internet
  • Take control of your current portfolio: check on existing stocks in seconds
  • Saves time: no more laborious data entry or working out complex valuations
  • Find undervalued stocks quickly: you can check dozens of stocks in a short period of time
  • Data all in one place: no need to scour the internet for various sources
  • Benefit from pro Excel modelling: saves valuable time building your own model
  • No need for advanced Excel skills: you just need to be able to type a stock ticker
  • Multiple downloads: save on both your work and home machine
  • Great value: your first informed stock decision will more than cover the cost of the tool

What are the features of Value Mr Market?

  • Reliable Data Feed: the model uses data from Morningstar, Yahoo and MSN for London Stock Exchange - FTSE350 and AIM.
  • Summary page: a simple and quick comparison of the valuations models, giving an initial assessment of the stock. Includes a 10 year summary of the stock price allowing you to quickly spot a potentially undervalued business.
  • Discounted Cashflow Model: a valuation is automatically created used default variables. However, these variable are fully customisable and you will quick get the hand of adjusting future growth rates using the easy to understand output charts as a guide.
  • Ben Graham’s Earnings Per Share (EPS) Valuation Model: Graham’s original technique for assessing growth stocks.
  • Net Nets: using Graham’s original formula for assessing the tangible asset value of the business. They don’t come along often, but if you find a ‘Net Net’ opportunity you can make massive returns.
  • Charts: 10 years worth of data formatted into easy to read charts allow you to quickly look at trends and metrics
  • Ratios: Comprehensive ratio’s over 10 years include profitability, balance sheet health, and liquidity ratios.
  • Financial Statements: get into the detail of 5 years of profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow statements.

Easy to use

Simply enter the ticker symbol and the spreadsheet will automatically pull in the data. Easy to change model parameters for advanced users.

Follow in the foot steps of the greats

Leverage the mind set of the greats such as Buffett, Graham and Lynch and look at the metrics they have used for decades


Spreadsheet refreshes in seconds, you can analyse key metrics and valuations in minutes. Will save you hours of research time.

Improved decision making

Quickly make judgements on new stock ideas, avoiding overpriced stocks based on the advice of others. Sure you might hear the odd tip, but gain confidence in your decisions based on fundamental analysis and be more selective.

Clear and Easy to understand

Layout is optimised to ensure key figures are clear and concise, using charts where possible to allow you spot trends easily.


Includes all major intrinsic value calculations, fundamental analysis, and financial graphs to give you a complete picture. Use 10 years of historical data to make your decisions.

How do I buy?

  1. Pick your preferred payment frequency below

  2. Create a new account with a username and password

  3. You will be redirected to a Paypal page to make a payment. You can pay by Paypal and all major debit/credit cards (Paypal account not required).

  4. You will receive an email confirming your new account

  5. Log in to the members area and download the spreadsheet, along with the comprehensive instructions.

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