About Value Mr Market

Why does Value Mr Market Exist?

I’ve been interested in stock investing since the late 1990’s and invested small amounts through-out the 2000s with mixed success. I then started to study Warren Buffet and value investing which I instantly related to for two reasons:
  1. I’m a charted accountant so reading company reports was fairly easy for me
  2. I’ve always wanted to run my own business so the mind set of owning a small piece of a company rather than speculating appealed to me.

However,  I soon found trawling through data on the internet or reports difficult and time consuming, so I combined my love of Excel (yes, I’m a geek) and started to develop my own spreadsheet model in 2008 specifically to look for value investment opportunities. I managed to create a portfolio which generated enough profit for me to take 6 months off work in 2010 and travel through Asia with my wife.

Upon my return, and motivated by previous success, I decided to develop the model further and rebuild my portfolio having sold much of it to fund my trip. This led me to realise that other people must suffer the same issues as I did – spending more time on collecting data rather than analysing it. So I decided to open my model up to the public to help others.

So if you want to quickly find stock opportunities, take control of your financial future, and spend time doing more interesting things than glued to the internet looking at business data then I suggest you buy my stock analyser.

When people find out you invest in shares they can’t help but give you tips! Using the VMM stock analyser you can quick see if its worth looking in to or a waste of effort – one day someone might give you a genuine lead…

Who is behind Value Mr Market?

I still have a full time job in the financial services industry, and therefore must remain anonymous. Some key facts about my background:

  • I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the early part of the 2000s from a 'big 4' firm.
  • I previously ran a portfolio of 12-15 companies where my employer invested funds into Management Buy-Outs (MBOs), giving me real world experience of investing in actual companies, and using P&Ls, Balance Sheets and Cashflow statements to make decisions. Similar to buying stocks for my personal account, just with a lot less money!
  • I now work for a large International Bank, helping the business to find performance improvements in revenues and costs.