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Almost ready to change your world…

We are almost ready to launch Value Mr Market; I believe it will be a big step forward for personal stock investors who want to use a familiar tool like Excel to improve their returns.  Whilst the website is new, I’ve actually been developing the product for over 9 years!  But this is just the start as I have lots of features and add-ons that I want to incorporate in the future to give the average investor the best possible tools to enhance stock decisions, and hopefully enhance your personal returns.

So why wait 9 years?!?  The spreadsheet model started as a personal passion project to help me with my own investing, but I realised there was a gap in the UK market around 2 years ago.  However, from having a concept to launching a website and a commercial product took a lot more effort and time than I expected.  I have a strong concept of where I want Value Mr market to go, but I have come to realise that if I wait to develop everything before launching I could be waiting another 9 years!  So this is the first step: the first website, the first product, the first blog.  Now I can start to develop each element, listen to customers feedback and continually make improvements.

But for me its still all about investing and having a tool that I would use, building my own share portfolio, and dreaming of early retirement.  So if you’re like me, check out the site and sign up with you email address so I can let you know when we launch, plus you will receive any new blog content direct to your inbox (promise no spam).

Happy investing!

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